November 13, 2008

to do vs. do-able

in the spirit of JC Handmade's recent post... and in the spirit of being so overwhelmed with projects that i can't keep track of what day it is, let alone what i'm supposed to be working on next...

here's my list for the week (since there's no way i can cross everything off a list in a day... and not much chance that i'll get all this done in a week either! :)) here's to trying...

  • fold laundry
  • wash sheets
  • make 5-minute fudge (yummm!) for couples meeting on Friday night

    the rest of the week... (i.e. tomorrow night):
  • blog once more (which means... tomorrow :)) hmm... anyone interested in a 5-minute fudge recipe?
  • check off my work to-do list (that's a whole other story in & of itself... yikes!)
  • have fun with friends tomorrow night and RELAX! :)

    the weekend:
  • sleep in
  • figure out what is going in the extended family's Christmas bags this year...
  • work on Christmas presents
  • buy fabric for another Christmas present & start formulating how i will pull it off... (while working with irreplaceable items... scary thought!)
  • explore Santana Row in San Jose before attending the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert Sunday night (yayyyyyy!! :))

    so there you have it. my wish list (albeit not on Wednesday) for this week is a to-do list! :) and indeed... i wish & hope & pray i can get all of those things done before the week is up & the chaos strikes again!

    in the meantime... i'll leave you with this picture of my cousins and i... enjoying each others company after dinner. have a good day!

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