January 25, 2010

my drug of choice = crafting

after an insane start to January that included 35 hours of overtime and working an 8-hour-day on Saturday, i made myself take the time to craft on sunday, in amongst church, lunch, house-work, and Bible study. mind you, i was up until 12:30am as a result, but boy was it worth it! :)

so often i tell myself that i just don't have the time to sit down and craft, but when it's my way of relaxing and de-stressing, it becomes almost a necessity sometimes... regardless of if i think i have the time for it or not.

in any case, i was finishing up a few patchwork coasters that have been languishing on my craft desk for the past two months, and it was high time i finished them... and since so many people have been asking me how to make them, i thought i would post a quick, but picture-laden, tutorial once i get all the pictures processed. stay tuned! :)

January 20, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

on the top of my wish list this week? not ideas... not books... not even craft supplies. just time.

time to finish up the last few sets of coasters that are sitting, waiting to be sewn.

time to look at all the new books and supplies i do have, as a result of Christmas presents and gift cards.

time to breathe, and to take in the beautiful rainstorms we've been having lately.

time to simply pop in a movie or two for an evening while i curl up under blankets, and simply relax. < sidenote >husband and i got to do that this past saturday, which was amazing... but those opportunities don't come often enough.< /sidenote >

in any case... that's all i'm really wanting this week. just time. that shouldn't be too difficult, right? ;-)

January 13, 2010


If any of you are lucky enough to be home right now and are involved with Twitter (you can find me at @candidcrafts), take note of the #CraftSocial conversation that's happening right now! From 1-3 PM EST, you can join other crafters talking about what they're working on, where they're from, and what their favorite craft tools, books, or current projects are.

I so wish I could be involved, but unfortunately I'll be watching the feed and drooling from my cube, 12 miles away from my home and all my crafting supplies. Maybe next time the event will be held on a weekend ;)


January 9, 2010

Organizational Skills Trials

I've been on an organizational kick lately. I purchased Organizing Your Craft Space with a B&N gift card I received for Christmas (yay "free" books!)

Looking through it tonight, I realized that my 6' space of desk that I have just doesn't fit the amount of crafting that I (want to) do. My hubby Ryan & I have thought about other alternatives, but it's just not seeming to be feasible in our >1000 sq. ft. apartment that's filled with stuff. We've experimented a bit with thoughts of transforming the closet in the 2nd bedroom into a crafting closet, but can't figure out an easy way to do it without dismantling the closet or adding extra shelves, which isn't an option in our rental.

In any case, I'm going off on a tangent. I've been organizing lately. It all started when my hubby bought me a shelving unit to put my cookbooks on, so I can actually reach them rather than having to grab the step stool or climbing on the counter to reach the high cupboards. With that top cupboard almost empty, I was able to move all the knick-knacks crowding out the linens in the linen closet (and yes, there's something wrong with that picture! ;)). Once those were moved, I could rearrange the linens so they actually fit!

Then it came to putting away the Christmas decorations... at which point I almost gave up on the idea of organizing and consolidating. I mean, just looking at the pile of Christmas decorations, and then our boxes they used to be in... it's a scary process *sigh* In any case, we went from 7 boxes & 1 large bag of Christmas stuff to 4 boxes, with an extra box for Christmas tins, which are almost gone now that I used them for Christmas goodies this year! :) In any case, it's quite the accomplishment. Things are finally organized according to what it is (i.e. Christmas village in one box, ornaments in another, etc.), rather than everything just thrown into boxes & packed back into our garage.

In the process, I emptied a Rubbermaid container, which is exciting since I now have another container in which to store fabric, which is desperately needed since the recent purchases before & after Christmas out-grew my current boxes. Which brings me back to the fact that eventually, I need a crafting space of my own, even if it's half of a room somewhere. A few shelves for fabrics, a nice tall work table that I can stand or sit at, and an area to store all my tools.

But for now, I'll continue organizing, sorting through, and getting rid of unnecessary things around the apartment, in hopes that one of these days we'll have the space to allow for just a little more room in my corner of the second bedroom, which is my crafting area :)