January 25, 2010

my drug of choice = crafting

after an insane start to January that included 35 hours of overtime and working an 8-hour-day on Saturday, i made myself take the time to craft on sunday, in amongst church, lunch, house-work, and Bible study. mind you, i was up until 12:30am as a result, but boy was it worth it! :)

so often i tell myself that i just don't have the time to sit down and craft, but when it's my way of relaxing and de-stressing, it becomes almost a necessity sometimes... regardless of if i think i have the time for it or not.

in any case, i was finishing up a few patchwork coasters that have been languishing on my craft desk for the past two months, and it was high time i finished them... and since so many people have been asking me how to make them, i thought i would post a quick, but picture-laden, tutorial once i get all the pictures processed. stay tuned! :)

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