February 7, 2010

Weekend WIPs

hi guys :) i'm sure all of you who enjoy crafting are much like me and have gobs of projects in mind... as well as a few (dozen) in progress ;) as of a recent count, including machine sewing projects and cross-stitch projects... i'm up to 8 current works in progress (WIPs) and i thought it was about time that i started blogging some of them :)

two of these WIPs are quilts, and that's what i chose to focus on this weekend. i made an amazing discovery last weekend when i laid out my large cutting mat on our kitchen table, pulled it away from the wall, and realized i could make better use of my living space, which coincides with my crafting space :) Ryan might not be as pleased as I am to lose the use of the "living" side of our kitchen table, namely, you know, eating... but he IS pleased that i'm making good progress on these WIPs, because he thinks that it will diminish my pile of projects. that, of course, implies that i won't start more in the meantime ;)

in any case, the first of the two quilts is based on the filmstrip quilt from CrazyMomQuilts. it's a Christmas quilt, so potentially i have plenty of time to finish it before next Christmas ;)

i'm in love with this fabric i found for the back of the quilt. it's got a vintage feel to it while still being current enough to fit with the other fabrics. so fun :) i'm planning to make it a double-quilt and put a few of the patchwork film squares on the back as well. i've just started piecing squares together but i'm learning as i go! i'm sure it's going to change as i go, but it's going to be fun to see what happens.

the second quilt is a baby quilt for one of my friend's upcoming baby boy. she went with me last week to pick out fabrics, and we found the most adorable pastel flannels at Quilted Angel to integrate into a Noah's Ark theme.

it's going to be so fun to see how this quilt comes together, as i'm combining a ragged squares quilt, another quilt from Amanda at CrazyMomQuilts.com, with a traditional baby-quilt border and backing... and integrating the baby animals from a separate panel along the way.

i'm still waiting for two of the fabrics but when i start cutting and piecing i'll be sure to take more pictures.

i know it's a little crazy for me to be tackling two different quilts at the same time, as i have no quilting experience whatsoever. piecework? yes, but quilting? no. i think i'll be asking you all a lot of questions along the way! :)

in any case... here's to hoping that you all got some progress made on your current WIPs this weekend. i'd love to hear what you're working on! have a great start to your week :)


Anonymous said...

I like the second project a lot! Then again I am biased! :)

mary grace said...

no worries -- I'm a big fan of it too :)