February 21, 2010

Weekend WIPs

things are coming right along with the baby quilt! all of the 9", 6", and 3" squares are cut, layered, and pinned. it took a while to lay them out and figure out which squares work well together and fit next to each other... but it's so fun to watch how much the quilt changes as you move just one little piece!

here's what i finally decided on, although that decision could change at any minute :)

the next step is to piece everything together, starting with the three layered squares. i'll top-stitch each of those, and then piece each of the 9" squares together. quite the process!

once that's done, i'll start on the animal border. i'm thinking i'm going to use some of the leftover colored fabrics to block out the corners of the quilt, and then applique some of the bigger animals (cut from the Noah's Ark Panel) on top. it'll be a good test of my newly-learned skills.

let me know what you think!

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