February 10, 2010

two realizations

i've made two realizations today that, for some reason, i felt were blog-worthy. feel free to correct me if i'm wrong in this assumption ;)

1) after my first experience with fasting post-migraines, i switched to fasting from Starbucks coffee for the 40 day period. a significant sacrifice, since my husband works there (at least through next week he does... then no more opening shifts - woohoo :) ) and we get free coffee. anyways... my realization. after 40 days of not drinking Starbucks, i had it for the first time again this morning, and realized... wait for it... i don't like it anymore! maybe that's for the better, since 1) each drink has an exorbitant amount of calories and sugar, both of which are bad for my diabetes and 2) it means we won't be spending money there once hubby's not working there anymore.

2) this Christmas quilt, while the fabrics are gorgeous and the design is equally beautiful, is going to be a lot of work. and a lot of piecing. and a lot of time. therapeutic, yes, but still... a lot of work. it might be a WIP for a while :)

slowly but surely... :)

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