March 15, 2010

Bike Rides, Work, & WIPs

Sorry it's been a few weeks since I've posted -- things have been a little crazy :) The short version is that things have been rather busy and I haven't always had access to my computer like I'm used to. The long version? Bike Rides, Work, & WIPs, oh my :)

Bike Rides
Some of you know that I have Type 1 Diabetes (basically, my body depends on an outside source for insulin since my pancreas hasn't worked since I was two years old. No insulin = very, very, very bad times for Mary). In any case, last year my hubby and I participated in the Napa Valley Tour de Cure for the first time... and we intend to do it again this year.

Thanks to some pretty awesome people, I'm already 20% of the way toward completing my $2000 fundraising goal for this year's ride, which is a pretty awesome feeling :) I'm hoping to meet my goal, and complete the 25-mile ride as a Red Rider, riding for myself and for everyone else who has diabetes, whether Type 1 or Type 2.

Things are finally starting to calm down at work after finishing up a crazy week of Ignite events which ended in a nasty cold for me. It's an awesome project though, and it's been amazing to see how quickly things have caught on in the last two years that I've been involved. Definitely a grass roots/community event, and fun to be involved in! So now it's back to the regular hecticness at work instead of that normal chaos combined with overall chaos ;)

The baby quilt is still coming along nicely, but I'm having a tough time deciding how to arrange the squares, which are all pieced together at this point. Now they're just sitting on our kitchen table... waiting for inspiration to strike and for me to find the perfect fit :) In the meantime, we haven't been able to invite anyone over, since we have no table to eat at ;) Thank goodness for a coffee table and couches to eat at! :)

Maybe you guys have a better opinion of it than I do... fresh eyes and all, you know?



Ryan Rotman said...

Not "DO". I notice the two orange large backgrounds in the same column 2nd to left.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How can he see that when they all look the same to me?? lol

Julie said...

The one under "LIKE". That is my vote.

Michelle Sprague said...

I'd go with 'one' but that's just me.

Barb said...

Just a thought...if you delete one vertical row it will be easier to distribute the different colored block more evenly. It will be little smaller...could make a pillow to match the quilt?

Tamara said...

i vote the one under like too. It has the dark bordered squares on the outside edge. When that square is on the inside my eye is drawn to that block and i dont see the rest of the quilt, on the edge i took in the whole quilt not just that block.