March 26, 2009

Wednesday Wish List (on Thursday)

my Wednesday Wish List is extremely short this week. so short, in fact, that it contains only one little item. that one little item, however... could make all the difference in the world. so here it is... are you ready for it? are you sure? the only thing i'm wanting right now...

more time.


that's it. for right this second, i've got all the craft supplies i want... i've got all the fabric i need... i've got all the inspiration that comes from looking at amazing craft books. i just don't have the time to implement anything.

which would explain why i haven't updated since march 4th... 3 full weeks. this also explains why just two nights ago i finished my february craft challenge... almost a full month late, and ironically, a day after i finished my march craft challenge. it explains why my banner still claims that it's winter-time... when, in fact, it's been spring for the last 6 days. it also explains why this post doesn't have the completed pictures of my craft challenges... just the statement that they're done, and a few "in progress" shots of the now-finished (and amazing-looking if i do say so myself) shower curtain that is now hanging in our bathroom.

::edit:: nevermind... i don't even have in progress shots -- they haven't been loaded onto my computer yet. *sigh*

however, i do have to say that i found the time to finish up the cozy domesticity swap that i entered back in january... just barely, but i did! i'm excited to see what Bley thinks of the goodies i sent her... and equally excited to see what goodies will be in the box she's sending me! i do have pictures of my swap box, but i'll wait to hear that she's received it before posting them, so as to not spoil the surprise :)

to explain just a bit about why it's been so busy for me (well... us...) lately... let me show you a snapshot of our calendar:

and now add a few things on to that:
- all-day-long meetings wednesday (yesterday) & thursday (today) for me... plus a company dinner meeting tonight
- running around to get my passport paperwork in so we can be ready for our trip to see family (in Canada) in May
- trying to find tickets for a friend to fly out for a visit in the next two months
- long weekend bike rides in preparation for our 25-mile Tour de Cure bike ride the first weekend in May
- preparing for our May vacation (and trying to figure out what we're going to see, where we're going to stay, etc.)
- shopping for wedding presents & birthday presents & baby shower presents... and trying to stay within budget at the same time!
- finishing up taxes (no... they're still not done) and figuring out what the VitaFlex insurance refund will accept as "refundable"
- trying to figure out how i'm going to balance two days working at a conference in the city directly followed by a long solo drive to LA (going down on Friday & back up on Monday) and then jump back into the work environment on Tuesday
- reminding myself that if i even stand a chance of succeeding with any flowering plants this year on our small 2nd-story porch, i need to get them planted & growing well now... not in the summer (btw... anyone know of a good place to buy flower boxes? i'm considering trying those instead of just potted plants. also, if anyone knows of plants that flourish in full sun, pots, and lots of heat, let me know -- i seem to kill everything we try to grow out there!)

now do you believe me? :)

please accept my deepest apologies... and stay tuned for pictures to come of the shower curtain (i promise this time!!)

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melissa s. said...

i don't think there's any stipulation anywhere that says your monthly challenges have to be completed in that same month, is there? i'm dangerously close to missing march, if so :)