June 30, 2010

Photography Books Now competition

I recently received an email from a former co-worker who now works for the awesome company Blurb, Inc., based in San Francisco, CA. Apparently they're running their Photography Books Now competition again this year, and the grand prize is $25,000. Now I know some of you readers out there are fantastic artists, not to mention amazing photographers, so give it a try and let me know what you come up with! Here's the info:

So far, we’ve received more than 800 submissions from over 25 countries. Check out the latest entries at our PBN bookstore. You can also head over to our blog and get inspired. There’s a great post on what makes a winning photo book by Darius Himes (our PBN lead judge) and another post on last year’s PBN winners and what they’re up to (great assignments, grants, and the like).

The deadline for 2010 PBN entries is July 15 so you still have time, but if your book is ready, go ahead and enter now. Remember there’s a $25,000 grand prize up for grabs, not to mention lots of other prizes.

Best of luck to any of you who give it a try! And stay tuned for more content up here soon... I promise... again. ;) I've found that the hardest part of not being consistent about blogging is the "getting started again" timeframe... when I'm not sure if I owe you guys an apology or if I just jump back on the bandwagon. I've apologized enough in the past, so I figured I'd just jump back in and take up where we left off :) Hopefully there are enough of you around still to pass the word! Looking forward to hearing what you've all been up to during my hiatus (and sharing some of my own projects as well). More later...

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