September 23, 2008

my love affair with books

My love for books began at an early age -- my mom always says that I simply wanted to keep up with my older sister so badly that I forced myself to learn to read with an "I can do it myself!" attitude. If you ask my husband, I still have that attitude about many things. *ah-hem* :)

Regardless, books have always been my downfall. They're one of the few things that can keep me focused for hours on end and during grade-school summers I could easily go through a book in an afternoon. If there's a sale -- I'm there. If there's a used book store -- I'm there. If there's any chance of a coupon or a discount or anything that guarantees me getting a book for less money that I usually could, I'm there. However... I'm often there regardless of coupons or sales as well! *grin*

So after I got done with helping out my company's booth at the local book fair this past weekend, I had to check out some of the other booths. Used book stores, friends of the library sales, book giveaways. I was in heaven!

I stopped at one book booth that has quickly become my favorite, even though I have yet to visit the actual store. None of their books sell for over $4, including hardly-touched hardback books, and I was able to get 6 books for $21 on Saturday. Their store in a nearby town has many other books on a variety of subjects, and I know it will be a frequent stop of mine!

Here is a sampling of the wonderful abundance I was able to come away with on Saturday.

And the book on top was surely a find. At $1.99, this book has recipes, familiar carols, family activities, easy crafts, and traditional Christmas stories, all in one! And these phenomenal illustrations... wow.

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