September 22, 2008

this is me!

so, following in Randi's footsteps, I've agreed to post a few pictures of me up here... although with few readers, I guess it doesn't hold as much significance for me :) regardless... here are a few of my favorite pics of me (and my hubby!) from the past few years.

captions of the pictures from top left, clockwise...

-my amazing husband Ryan & I at our first anniversary
-enjoying our last fall break from college in DC with a friend
-at our wedding, hosted in the gorgeous back yard of family friends
-enjoying some time at my favorite place... the beach!  flying a kite on a windy day
-during our honeymoon in Hawaii -- enjoying the view from a restaurant in Kona
-one of our engagement photos taken by the amazing Kara... a good friend from college

if you want to see the pictures closer up, check out my flickr site

enjoy!  :)


Barbara said...

Hi there - I found you via Randi's This is Me post today. I joined in too and thought I'd have a look at some new to me blogs. Lovely photos.
As I scrolled down through your posts I found a lovely quilt too, and a great pile of books - I have In Stitches and Sew what skirts and enjoy them both. I'm off to Amazon now to see if I can find the Better Homes and Gardens book you had in your pile. See you again. Barbara x

mary grace said...

thanks for the wonderful compliments, Barbara! The BH&G book was actually an early Christmas present from my grandma -- and I LOVE it. It has craft projects, recipes, suggestions on kids activities, etc. It's a wonderful book to have when you're planning for the crazy holiday season! :)

randi said...

Lovely photos! You and your hubs are an adorable couple!

mary grace said...

thanks, Randi :) it was a great idea on your part!

My Inspired Heart said...

great pictures...nice to "meet" you! Your blog is wonderful, too! Love all the crafty goodness :)

Heather said...

All beautiful shots! Having fun meeting some new people.

mary grace said...

@ my inspired heart
@ heather

thanks to both of you :) i'm having fun "meeting" others as well!

Anonymous said...

Love all your pictures. You and yoru hubby look so cute and happy together. Thanks for sharing these.

I signed up to win a purse. My birthday is 3 days later, so that would be fun!