October 29, 2008

what day of the week is it again?

sorry about that! i'm going to combine sunday stash with wednesday wish-list as well as what's been going on with me lately! yeah... what day of the week is it?

my "real" work has been crazy to say the least these past few days... few weeks... months, perhaps? :) I haven't wanted to turn my computer on for anything other than catching up on tv shows, even though i have been working on projects!

but I do have updates... and wish lists... :) so here we go!

sunday stash for this week is combined with my entry for the spare change swap. i'm so excited to get this fabric back in the mail and see all the wonderful fabrics i have to choose from to make something! i think i'm going with the "stacked coins" quilt that i talked about last time -- it's stayed on the front of my mind since then.

here's the fabric i'm sending in:

i know the quality of the picture doesn't even come close to doing justice to the fabric. it's a light mint green with brown spots all over it. my theory is that i bought it when i was hungry... since it reminds me of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream :)

as far as my wish-list for this week goes, we're getting close to halloween so these are all pumpkin, candy-corn, and costume-themed :)

crazymomquilts has always been one of my favorite blogs, and her candy-corn quilt is just one of the many quilts that highlight her amazing talents as an artist.

this pumpkin is by far my favorite of any themed-pumpkins or pumpkin carving patterns that i've seen. how original! if only we had the time... :)

lastly... my gradma is crazy-talented when it comes to Christmas gingerbread houses. but how about this Halloween gingerbread house? amazing!

on that note... have a safe & happy halloween! :)

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