October 6, 2008

a wish list of projects

sorry for the break between posts! i didn't intend that to happen, but following a camping trip (which was amazing!) and an extra-hectic week at work following that trip, blogging wasn't exactly the first thing on my mind :) crafting, however, was a bigger part of my week!

my mind has mainly been on Christmas presents recently, and yes... i know it's a bit early, but these Christmas presents have been in the works for some time now... one of them is pushing 2 years in the making (here's hoping they'll like it!!). but since i can't post pictures of those for obvious reasons, i thought i'd post a few of the projects on my "wish list." because let's admit it -- i have LOTS of projects on my wish list :)

purses are always on the top of my list. smaller bags for formal occasions and larger bags for my every-day toting. this means the bags have to be big enough to hold a book, my most recent sewing project, and my every-present idea notebook, as well as my wallet, cell phone, ipod, etc. etc. quite a challenge sometimes! and for some reason i've been very interested in tweed & wool lately... which has led me to wanting a bag somewhat like this:

from aeropostale...

on which i'm loving these embellishments:

or one from gap (which i can't find a picture of!) that is a dark grey tweed with leather straps and two pockets on the inside -- perfect for carrying my computer!

i'm thinking i should be able to make those up pretty easily... we'll see :)

i'm loving this wallet as well...

and these bath bombs from instructables are surely necessities, right? :)

this is an adorable tank top and could be remade and adjusted in so many ways -- my mind is buzzing :)

one of these days when we own our own house, these are definitely in order for a back-yard (or side-yard) garden. just look at these pictures!

this is another bag that piques my interest... we'll see if it ever happens. i'm not quite sure what i would use it for and have a feeling it would end up being one of those projects that has no end result. i think my husband would agree that i already have too many of those hanging around :)

as always, i have quilt wish lists and many other projects i'd like to work on... but the time somehow escapes me. maybe one of these days when all the Christmas presents are done (hopefully... before Christmas ;-)) i'll have a chance to check off a few of these items :)

any other projects that i should have on my wish list?

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